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Presentations Available from the Abstinence Education Council

  • Chastity:
    • The student will be able to list reasons why people choose to have sex before marriage and the advantages (physical, emotional, social) of sexual self-control.
  • Love vs. Lust:

  • (a follow up to the chastity presentation - presented a semester or year later)
    • The student will be able to define love and lust and identify ways in which his/her current behavior will affect his/her future.
  • Decision Making: 
    • The student will be able to identify common decisions he/she makes and his/her process for decision making (5th and 6th grades). 
    • The student will be able to identfy reasons why some people decide to engage in premarital sex and why some people remain chaste. 
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: 
    • The student will be able to list and describe at least 5 sexually transmitted diseases and their consequences. 
    • The student will be able to identify misconceptions and truths about how sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted. 
  • For Parents: 
    • How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex: An informational sesion dealing with sexually transmitted diseases, creative ideas for discussing adolescence and sex with your children. 

Committed to Reaching Youth with the message
that abstinence is Preferable & Possible